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What We Offer?


We Offer a Variety of activities!

We offer a variety of activities. We have tuition packages that suit anyone who wants to know about all type of water sport. We offer a range of windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, wakesurfing and waterskiing courses.

Our Courses


Introduction to the gear, getting used to the windsurfing board without and with the rig , up hauling the rig, start.

book now

Getting used to the windsurfing board without the rig, up hauling the rig, windward turn, leeward turn, sailing around buoys.

book now

Stopping using the sail, sailing around buoys, windward turn, leeward turn, making a 360˚ turn, variations of turns.

book now

Are You In?

Welcome, to the best and modern windsurfing center! We have the best, passionate and experienced instructors
in the world. We provide safety and proper knowledge. You will get up and ride!
The Malta center is equipped with the latest equipment which makes learning faster, easier and more fun.
We provide the right lesson for each level. Don’t hesitate and come to Malta.


Our Team



Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Support Staff

Customer Support

Web Development

Web Development

Clients About Us

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your staff. My instructor was patient and instrumental in getting me to the next level. I am going at this with as much focus and repetition as time, money, and conditions permit. It’s a slow process, but I’m finally getting it! Thank you so much, guys.

John Tyler

New York

It’s the best feeling when I follow coaching advice and things immediately start to work out right, I see that’s it just there what I was missing, I understand my mistakes and see the right way to progress. Plus you are a great company. I’m very happy I randomly happened to meet you all. Thank you.

Thomas Austin

New York

I have been working on upwind 360’s for some time and could get an occasional one in the straps, but rarely, if ever, out of the straps. With your tips, I was able to nail several of them recently. Well done! For the upwind 360, I found your tip about keeping the mast pointed in to the wind was the key. Thanks!

Jack Melton

New York