Custom Relationships

Relationship Marketing and the Concept of Customer Value

Seeing the expansion of the digital transformation to more online services,  your relationship marketing as the heart of strategic best practices and discipline to allow your business to gain substantial traction as markets get increasingly competitive and customers get increasingly demanding.

In order to stay relevant, companies must create value for the customers while at the same time extracting enough value from them. Strategically implemented CRM is a key component to meet this challenge by balancing Customer Perceived Value any Company Value. Using a customer-value based approach to CRM, profits for the company as well as the satisfaction of your customers can be increased in the long run using XlinX.Me provided tools. Our CRM tools allow for extended and expanded customer communication, analytics tools not offered by other listing directories where you can monitor through your own dashboard. 

Some tools include the ability to communicate through Messenger, WhatsApp, Video conferencing, your very own ChatBot for your listing page as well as all of the other mainstream resources such as email, phone and links to your website.